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Knowing that, in these passing moments, I’ll not be with you, has made me a culprit many a time. And the distances so created are too mean to understand my true feelings for you. If this ever be God’s play, I’m perfectly sure that he will be bashful enough to keep our bodies apart. The only consolidation….being in this world of beings under the same sky!! I’m too much gifted being yours that it has turned me unto a mean and a sorrow-stricken guy to live this present without you. 

To the Almighty who made this beautiful world…

To my parents who brought me up so well….

To my kith and kin, who always wanted me to be happy…

To my friends, who have all the time helped me…..

I give you the greatest respect that can’t be rolled down here in writings but has only known to grow in this heart till today.

I owe you the greatest Thanks that are too immense to be even synonymous of uttering the same every moment of every day.

I salute you for inciting me to live this one-time life to the fullest and make me believe that, “It’s love… it’s love that makes the world go round..!!”


“First day I saw her and knew how important she would b in my life.”

This way of thinking I never had even if i saw gorgeous gals with all those breathtaking smiles with shiny lips and kohls making their eyes look like a black hole… too hard to get out. As a kid, I’ve always been shy to girls and ya not to mention sometimes trying to run away from them. Then, I looked at those cool dudes in the films running after girls with all those romantic ways of persuading a girl’s heart… doing crazy things which the girl will think too cute. Someway or the other, the girl finally gave in and started dating the guy who once seemed to be moronic. I wonder how many ways there must be to win over some1’s heart. There had been too many films portraying great love stories of all times and each love story would be a different one. How the hell is that possible? There would be a guy and a girl in every love story and yet, the way they made..the way they approach each other..the way they found the love in between..the way they made love(remember titanic and romeo n juliet) and ofcourse the way the story ended…they all would differ in some way or d other. How crappy is that? Again, I used to wonder if there be any system where the so called God made a branded partner for everyone (though he/she might be a second or third hand). If not, how the hell we can identify that-perfect-person? I’m damn sure you wouldn’t want to marry someone as a result of the consolation of your age or family or other reasons.  You would surely marry someone whom you not only love but share that special relationship which I dont know how to express it (well i’m still a bachelor and shall edit this post when I marry someone..lolz). What then after marriage? You started adjusting to stuffs that were never a problem but now seems like it is gonna haunt you. Before writing this blog, I swear to God that I’ve talked to people both women and men whose ages are plus-minus 3 to mine. And 80% don’t fell ok with their present life. I know..I know…they will adjust later. Have you ever imagined why suhaag raat or wedding night is considered as the best time in someone’s life. Well the reason might be that part in hindi movie where it’s never shown and which is ‘by default’ scene in any James Bond series movies..lolz…!!! (Fellas, the word is still tabooed. So, I shan’t be mentioning it.) So, I kinda come to an enlightenment that God, if there is, created this best gift to every man and woman just at the junction of his/her SINGLE life transforming unto a MARRIED life because… because…. He knows… damn He already knows that this upcoming half of their life won’t be as comforting as the other half. He just shows up every night of a couple’s wedding and says to them,”My Dear children, enjoy this moment to the fullest. I can’t tell what your future holds, but whatever it is, you should cherish this moment for the rest of your life…. Cheers :)” And then…vamoosed..He goes away. How great He is…!!

To me, I think Americans and Indians do click at certain points where the later under the tags so called culture and what-will-people-think will hold some of them atleast. Let me be extra clear by introducing the term-Divorce.  How long can u stay with someone you love or not? 10 years? 20 ? 30? or life-time? Imagine you bought a football and u have been told that it won’t be useful in 10 days. What will u do? Ofcourse u will play with it to d fullest. Life is one football in which we kinda know when its end would come..sometimes very soon. And u’ll play with this with all d rules and regulations written by no one…education, family, culture, society…everything. What I’m saying is…. we shouldn’t make our life-partner as someone because of whom we start changing our own way of playing our life. 

Marriage is a difficult thing…. and that’s why Hats off to all couple who still believe there is yet another Marriage Aniversary next year.

Days come and never come again

Running after the infinite time

Exhausting more and more of our lifetime

But leaving something in us

To cherish every passing moment

To make our eyes flooded with tears

And to say, “It was just great!”

“The Memories”…..that’ll live forever with us

Thanks to you friend, I’ve enough of these

To console myself whenever I’m sad

Even when I try to cry, to laugh with me

To make me believe – I’m living a living life

No matter how many days we’ve lived

How much emotions we’ve shown

How many we’ve had successes or downfalls

I’m happy that I’ve you in my mind vividly

Starting as a friend and standing still today as my friend

Thanks for being a friend

I’m never gonna forget the days of our Friendship

Even if the Almighty compels me to

Even if I’m too far from you

Even I’m breathing my 3rd breath before my last.


[2nd and 1st for my gf and parent…lolz..!!! ]


                          I walked down my memory lane today, and even though I wasn’t unto searching anything, yet I felt this journey as a quest. I rejoiced myself traversing on those footpaths of childhood days where foolishness and rustic natures had bloomed to their peaks. I had not a single moment I was angry to or with. It was really a nice experience to discover myself. As I travelled more I found more like a mixture of so many ingredients which I didn’t realize in those days and was quite content with having led my life this way. At times, the path became too rugged and I told to myself that life was indeed hard to me. This time, I recalled all those times when happiness seemed to bade me good-bye for the rest of my life….very close people who have left me alone in this world of beings…..those merciless incidents befalling on me, my family and near and dear ones…. and those Birthday gifts the Almighty gave to me with so much love that contained nothing but a small family of “Sadness and Misfortunes.” At this very junction when I was witnessing stuffs heavier than tears, a guy came from nowhere and straight towards me. He with his shabby clothes and unconventional dress style let me think for a moment that I was gonna be attacked by some lunatic. But, my fear transformed to a much relief state when the guy was close enough for his face to be seen and even more relaxed when I heard his voice. He got angelic face and a voice far calm and composed. He said to me,” O dear friend, where could I find happiness? I was on the other side of your road when I was caught with the fragrances of ecstasies from your area..!!” I was totally shocked to hear the person say that. I couldn’t think of anything because being in this rugged part of my life’s history, the tears though couldn’t make their way out, were oscillating inside my head. This resulted in a very quick response which I thought was kinda rude considering the way that angelic faced guy approached to me. I told him that there hadn’t been any happiness in my area as I myself was the architect of each and every step here on this road. He was taken with disbelief and left saying something about happiness and sadness being never apart twins but wasn’t audible at all.


           After that strange guy had left, I started regaining where I was. Then, suddenly, a soft breeze quickly passed me by and did nothing but overturned a leaf that had been lying on the road, almost decomposed. To my amazement, unlike the colour of the previous side of the leaf, the new side was very green and almost fresh. The only problem it had was its green side being unnoticed even by the owner. For a long time, it was simply lying there waiting for someone to just witness the other side of it. After that, I started checking the other leaves that were also lying in the same fashion as this strange leaf. And, as the world seemed to pause for me, I found that these leaves were also having the same characteristic… vivid green and one almost decayed. Believing in myself that I could solve this mystery, I stood there for some times contemplating over the things I did in the past days. I then searched for the strange guy who of course was nowhere to be seen. I looked around and even tried to follow his footsteps but strangely, his footsteps couldn’t be seen even though he was standing right in front of me. This didn’t bother me too much compared to what I just discovered and I continued to be haunted when I was still on the process of figuring out what actually had happened to those leaves.


                           Then as if heaven whispered to me, I recalled the man’s words as happiness and sadness being never apart twins. I realized in retrospect, that I was blind to that happiness that showered to me endlessly even at times when Life took its monotonous form of a frowning face invaded by some bad fate. Of course, it’s debatable how someone can be or try to be happy in times of misfortunes. Well, you can’t be happy actually when someone passes away. The fact is that we can certainly put on an artificial smile that shows to someone damn close to you and who is consoling you, that his/her words comfort us a lot. That way, may be…you are exploring a certain kind of happiness which is giving. We always give a huge respect to the world of sadness which comes anytime as an uninvited guest in our life but it is one of our utmost duties to be prepared and always try to smile back at the worries and tensions of life.





      Well this is my second post…. Amidst a tight schedule of exams and all, lets see how much I can write today. So, today this thought came unto me from nowhere and I was thinking to myself that may be happiness has a specific home..may be not. Man, from an ega when he didn’t know how to even croon, has been achieving enumerable feats of making himself happy in some way or the other. He has all the time been making both ends meet to see his family or fellow beings live in the most comfortable way. Even in the new artificial world, where emotions seem to raise white flag against the needs, there are still people who put their lifes just for the sake of happiness.  “Being happy”… they say is the latest motto..!!

                             Now sometimes in life, incidents that are never welcomed come in our way as gift from the Above. Deaths of near and dear ones, losses in business, health breakdown, failing in exams, cricket loss, role models coming out to be jerks, a scar in love..all are some examples that can be cited where one finds himself at a dungeon of wrapped with sadness. Then is the definition of life being a mixture fulfilled.?? And is the spontaniety of happiness sometimes concealed by such  events..?? Cant we find joy and ecstasies even at those times…??

    Let me narrate a small story..It goes like this…Once a guy in a certain village fell in love with a beautful gal (a dancer) who also loved him equally…!! They dated for around 2 years and at that time, the gal came to know she had a cancer and was gonna die in three weeks. She couldn’t tell the guy what her destiny had become then. So, she asked the guy to dance for her thinking that would be her greatest gift from him. The guy promised to dance for her. But fate had another way of treating a dying gal. The guy went away to another village. For her, life had become meaningless and for the guy who went actually to learn dance, the dreaded fate was very cool just like before a storm. After few days, when he came back, the death news of his love broke him down. Happiness that he thought of when he would be dancing infront of her, suddenly vamoosed and he was left with a dry fate knowing nothing of what his life had done to him. He lost his love.. his life was never the same..!! After two months, a thunder never so loud in the village’s history marked the start of the monsoon. And there the guy was  sitting near their community field. Then, from nowhere, rain came.. He was still unmoved. Then,the face of the guy that had been pale for the last two months, suddenly had a glow and he started dancing. He was smiling like before and was dancing with a spirit that showed his love. He was dancing… for two hours when the village leader asked him what actually happened. He answered with a little smile..” I promised to someone that I would dance infront of her while raining ..!! I think she is very happy now even though this thin boundary of death and life has serapated us.. ! “

                           I think my story has gone somewhere and I cant bring out the exact moral of the story in relation with my today’s topic… May be it’s because it’s just a random thought..!! But the thing is that, no matter what the conditions in life are, there is always a way to find  happiness…Just like in this story, the guy found a new feeling of joy even though his love was never gonna be with him. No one is perfect… even the Almighty as they say. That’s why He made life hard even for good people. It’s one time life and it asks a lot of smiles and laughters rather contemplating over what fate has caused you this and that….!!! So, happiness is everywhere and everytime…It’s just that matter of what we perceive..!!

” O life, where art thou taking me to..? But wherever thou traverse, please make ‘love’ a guest once more before thou meet your best comrade–death..!! ” 

                                  This is my first time and the first one of the various things i m gonna write. Hope I dont get bored or something and discontinue writing. Writing something is my passion and I learnt it when I first proposed to a girl…. hee hee…..!! Whoever viewing this,please leave a comment everytime u visit this page. I need suggestions and ofsourse marks for whatever I’ve put down over here.  I love writing sort of quotes and small poems and sometimes random thoughts regarding everything…. friendship, love, girls, family etc.

                 To start, let me try writing a few things I know about life. The very first time I knew about life, I was 2 years old and the simple fact was that Life is one-time and that Death is its brother which can visit you anytime. I was damn frightened at those days…. rather i should put this way – I was pissed off everytime that thought came in my mind. But, the very thought that death is not the case with only me or to my families but also to great people whom we admire, used to compensate my childish mind. Sometimes, i used to think of the universe… the way it’s created and the way life began here on Mother Earth…. it really fascinated me. I couldn’t help imagining who might be the real reason behind all these. May be the science could explain every phenomenon – universe starting from a size of a cricket ball, a little microbe transforming into what we see today as living beings, blackhole, invention of medicals we never tried of dreaming them, fusion and fision processes…. all of these… but think about it whether all these things occured after some process or is it everything that happened was a creation of someone…. we call God. My point here is not to ask whether there is God or not. But thinking about the thousands of gallaxies of which MilkyWay is the only one that support lifes in one of it’s tiniest’s amazing… I have lots to write but the thing is that this is my first post and i should not write something people might think me as an insane…. so…. here I stop.

 One last thing fella, I believed that God has made me to become an atheist…!!